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SoloPower Systems nets first commercial deployment in South Africa

CIGS thin-film solar technology manufacturer SoloPower Systems has completed its first commercial-scale deployment in South Africa.

SoloPower’s PV modules were installed on the rooftop of a factory in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, as the first in a two-phase project. The project was commissioned by Dumont Power — a SoloPower Systems distributor.

Raymond du Plooy, director of Dumont Power, said: “The installation itself was quite remarkable as the product requires no power tools, racking, special handling, or other common installation aspects. The installation team, working at a normal installation pace, set a record of one watt per second. There was no need for special rigging equipment to get the panels in place, no need for a large storage area to keep the panels before installation. It was really a very simple and fast installation.”

SoloPower Systems’ LPV modules are up to 85% lighter than traditional PV planels, allowing for rooftop installations with limited loadbearing capacity.

Rob Campbell, CEO of SoloPower Systems, added: “South Africa represents a key market for our technology. We estimate that up to 30 percent of commercial and industrial buildings in the region have roofs that are not able to hold the weight of traditional solar panels. Through our relationship with Dumont Power, our impressive technology and our now proven track record of delivering this project, we believe we are well placed to exploit this vast opportunity in the South African market.