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Hefei Chinaland Solar Energy co., LTD., was founded in October 31, 2008. 
Registered capital: RMB 100 million.
Address :Liaoyuan Road. Feidong New City Economic Development Zone.Hefei. 
Term of operation: October 31, 2008 to October 30, 2028, 20 years.

Business Scope: Solar Mono Silicon Ingot, Silicon Solar Modules,Solar PV system, Solar Controller, Solar Interver, Intelligent Furniature Series, Intelligent Electrical Products Development and Reserch, Manufacture,Sales, and Construction etc. Import and export business etc.

The company covers an area of 60000 square meters, and it has the self-management import and export right.Company consists of solar energy research institute, Solar module division and Photovoltaic power generation systems engineering division. The research institute  has two research center which are solar modules research center and Photovoltaic systems integration and application technology research center; At  the same time establish a management center, as to science and technology management and service .Company products are mainly oriented quality customers within China and abroad,Within China for part of the state-owned enterprises, listed companies and other industry benchmarking enterprises, abroad for exporting  Britain, France, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa, the Middle East, the European Union, the United States and other countries and regions.
Anhui Chinaland New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd wholly owned subsidiary of Chinaland Solar Energy co., LTD.The registered capital is RMB 50 million which is a photovoltaic power station construction company.The company  provide  construction operation and professional service for all kinds of photovoltaic power station. We have all kinds of senior engineering and technical personnel, we have abundant project appraisal, project examination and approval, environmental assessment, engineering design, system installation, grid access permission actual operating experience. At this moment, we have make cooperation with  CNBM solar energy technology Co., LTD,CECEP solar energy technology Co., LTD,BOE solar energy 
technology Co., LTD, Jinko Solar Co., LTD., etc.  well-known domestic 
enterprises in related fields and business.

2. The market Situation
Foreign Markets
(1). Stabilize and expand original markets: In Germany, Italy, Belgium, we already set up branch offices and warehousing centers ;In Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Britain, France, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. , we have more than 100 cooperation agents around the world. Until to now, the sales net work of main markets have been established, dominated by terminal products, so as to occupy markets quickly and keep stable profit.
In Wisconsin state of American, we set up a factory to meet government project procurement. The annual capacity of modules receive 100MW, if possible, the capacity would be expand to 200MW in 2015.
(2). Exploit South Asia market, in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and other southeast Asian region, we have cooperate with government on light engineering, agriculture irrigation.
Domestic Market
(3). In domestic market, some state-owned enterprises, public company, local benchmarking enterprises are all our high-quality customer. Like China Energy Conservation And Environment Protection Group, TEBA Sunoasis Co., Ltd., Jetion solar, China Electric Equipment Group, CNG Solar Energy Development Co., Ltd., Jinko Solar Holding Co., Ltd., Hefei Golden Sun Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
(4). Power Station
Already set up26.5MW power station
(5). In2014, we declare 40MW distributed power station and already start working. In 2015, we apply 140MW same project, estimated to begin in June of 2015.
(6) Application and promotion
We are the only company, who have photovoltaic application promotion certificate in Anhui Province. We build long term cooperation relations with photo –thermal centre of USTC on BIPV integrated building, energy-saving projects of solar green-house agriculture, application system of photo-thermal centre integration. All above promotion project is to meet country industrial policy.
 At present, we strive to become improve competitiveness of the industry, expand global market by expanding scale, extending industrial chain, reducing manufacturing costs, enhance continues technology innovation, so that we can be pillar industry of Anhui, main company of Photovoltaic industry.
3. Manpower resource
Company existing staff 500 people, of which more than 80 people, 6 have senior professional titles, intermediate grade, there were 50 people, 28 have primary titles, 70 have University bachelor or above degrees, 350 got high school or above education, 6 have TEM-8 certificates and all kinds of professional talents, such as can speak German, Italian, French, ect..
4. Strong technical force
At present our company with the Switzerland lausanne, China university of technology, nanjing university, China university of science and technology, and anhui hefei university of technology institute of science and technology, at home and abroad related  the related key colleges and universities establish technical cooperation and study relationship.
Till now our company has passed TUV, IEC, CEC, UL, CE, MCS international certificates and CQC, ISO14001, ISO9001, OHSMS18001 domestic certificates, by 2014 has already got more than 100 patent certificate, of which 3 the invention patent, at the same time there are 48 patents of both at home and abroad are accepting. Our company is the first company in anhui province for TUV certification, the test of CNA laboratories is approved by China certification and accreditation.
Our company made great breakthrough in technology of BIPV products. This product can be directly instead of solar modules used as roof tiles, and solves the existing building's roof tiles (alternative) and solar modules installed difficult problem, it’s a global first, and successfully applied in foreign solar roofs. BIPV technology has been popularized in Europe, southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions, involving industrial buildings, residential villas, office buildings, agriculture and other fields. We constantly increase the market share in the international market because of this technology.
For domestic market, with the application of solar energy innovation technology, the Chinese government in the 12th five-year plan in Hei Longjiang province of the northeast China, Qinghai province of the northwest region, Gansu province, Shaanxi, Xinjiang and other regions for lights implement lights on government policy, with the advantages of technology innovation, our company will be able to actively participate in it.
5. Rare certificates of ChinaLand 
We won national high and new technology enterprise certificate, certificate of high-tech products in Anhui province, Anhui key new product certificate, private export enterprises, science and technology awards in Hefei of Anhui province, Hefei name brand products, innovative enterprises in Hefei, Hefei enterprise technology center, intellectual property rights exemplary enterprises in hefei demonstration enterprise informatization and industrialization fusion and so on many honors and certificates. Our company is one of the 94 Chinese companies allowed to enter the EUmarket under the “ EU anti-dumping and countervailing”. Our company is in   109 access list of the first batch of the ministry released photovoltaic enterprises manufacturing industry of 2014.
6. Products and patented technology
Our company main products include the following:
(1) Normal product:
A, Solar Panel: mainly for export to Europe, central and South America, Australia, 
southeast Asia, etc.
B, Solar power station installation: we already have been completed and under construction below power plant, mainly located in Australia, Britain, Russia, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil and other countries, In domestic market, located in the western region of China.
(2) Solar Power System and patent products:
A, BIPV (Building Integrated a, photovoltaic) (pv) : This product is a global initiative. In Overseas market, mainly applied in Germany, France, Australia and other family villas. In the domestic market,mainly applied in the roof of factory and commercial building .Now ,the product as a exemplary item, be approved by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural development of the People’s Republic of China and Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China,..etc.
B, Solar -Thermal Integration System, we develop and cooperate with” University o f Science and Technology of China” above the solar-thermal integration system, realized with solar energy battery components heat removal method, combine the solar water heater with solar panel, by the method of absorbing the light from solar panel. At present, the system has been entered to market ,have a good market prospect .
C, Independent Solar Lighting System: ChinaLand Solar independently research and develop the solar lighting system, widely used in outdoor, remote mountainous area, and Island area. The LED bulb light system , working by direct current (dc) of solar panel, don't need any other inverter, are mainly sold to Indonesia, Malaysia and other southeast Asian countries and South Africa. Also as the Indonesian government procurement project for poverty alleviation, Africa and other countries.

D, Solar Water Pumping System(solar water pump application system) : This product belongs to our patent products, sells very well in the SouthEast Asia market. In the Domestic market, normally used in xinjiang province,giangsu province, qinghai city, shaanxi province, Tibet province, and heilongjiang province., etc. At present, the project are installing in XinJing province. This project has been approved and supported by China government department. Our company are researching up ,promote the market by reducing the cost to enlarge the domestic market. According to the research, China market demand will be over 380 billion RMB. 
Chinaland solar intend to solve the problem of northeast and northwest arid region of irrigation through the solar water pumping system.

E, Flexible PV : ChinaLand Solar independently research and develop the flexible component ,is a new type of solar cell, can arbitrarily curved become curved surface or any irregular shape. It can be placed at the top of the sleek cars, sailing, rowing, motor of the surface of the cabin and houses and other buildings on the roof and metope of in order to make full use of abundant solar energy and convert it into electric current. It has been operating successfully.
7. Company plan
Chinaland is gradually completed the planning industry. Focused on creating top-level research and development center, test center and product control centers, all of which will make Chinaland products hold competitiveness in the technology, technology, quality,  also provide an important guarantee for the development of our business partners.
8. Fixed asset investment expansion plans
(1). solar module production expansion
The company has 20 sets of laminating machines, automatic welding six strings, hand-line six, capacity 600MW. Before June 2015 four automatic string welder and  six laminating machine will be added to make an annual capacity of 800 megawatts.
(2). photovoltaic power station construction investment Photovoltaic power plant project which has been approved will be completed in 2013 , total investment of about 273 million yuan, including (1) Qinghai 10 MW ground station, (2) Chinaland 1.5 MW  BIPV Building Integrated roof power plant, with a total investment of 3300 million, (3) Feidong economic Development Zone, 15 MW of Golden Sun projects with a total investment of 150 million yuan. Since the introduction of the national PV grid policy, said 25-year life of the power plant and energy revenue tariff revenue, will become the company's long-term stable source of income.
Bao gong town of Feidong Country 40MW distributed ground PV power plant has been under construction.
(3). next two years plans to add 500 megawatts of solar power plant construction projects, while implementation of solar energy agricultural development projects.
9. Industry Development Opportunities
(1). the successful development of above photovoltaic applications, along with the state support for the photovoltaic industry policy, Chinaland successfully completed the transformation of the domestic market and product innovation. The next two years, our company focused on the above application system by escalating marketing and technology, reduce costs and achieve widespread application market. Implement every family, business, can self-occupied photovoltaic clean energy, while allowing enterprises to sustainable development.
(2). As one of the few healthy development of photovoltaic enterprises, our company has always been market-oriented, adhere to innovation and application-oriented products, and research and development, and the formation of large enterprise counterparts differential advantage.
(3). location advantage
With the guidance on development of photovoltaic industry promulgated by the State Council, in 2015 in Anhui Province obtains a G photovoltaic power station construction indicators, government will give 20 years 1 yuan / W of electricity subsidies, Hefei city has gotten 15 years of 0.25 yuan / kWh electricity subsidies, greatly reducing the investors to invest in photovoltaic power plants payback fat, increased interest in the majority of venture capital and investment of investment.  Feidong commitment that nearly acres of fish ponds, 50,000 mu of farmland out to general investment photovoltaic power plants, providing support to build the first solar city of Hefei. Chinaland as the local enterprises of Hefei, best climate, geography and people will help the development of photovoltaic projects to a higher level.